Project Info

Project info

  • Project Milestone

    An innovative project is changing the future of construction in the Eindhoven new housing estate of Meerhoven in the Netherlands. After the first commercial 3D printed concrete house was realized in 2021, the remaining four houses will be printed this year. These are expected to be available on the market by mid-2025, setting new standards in modern comfort, sustainability and architectural...

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  • High ambitions

    Building on the success and lessons learned from the first home, the final four homes will consist of two and three floors. These homes demonstrate the design flexibility of 3D concrete printing, with load-bearing interior walls and multi-functional exterior walls. Printing will begin in 2024 and completion is expected in mid-2025. This project will once again push the boundaries of 3D...

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  • Trumps in hand

    Concrete has been a fundamental ingredient in construction for decades and is undergoing a revolution when combined with 3D printing technology. This technology enables precise placement of concrete, reducing material waste and CO2 emissions. The freedom of form offered by 3D printing enables intricate designs and shapes previously impossible with traditional methods. This flexibility...

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  • Research Program

    The beginning of 3D concrete printing for this project has its origins in 2005. In 2015, the original experiment was followed up on a much larger scale.

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  • Living in Bosrijk

    The 3D concrete printed houses are in Bosrijk in the new housing estate Meerhoven, Eindhoven. A high level of ambition in terms of sustainability and spatial and architectural quality was set in the development of Bosrijk. For example, the houses will have no natural gas connection.

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