Frequently asked questions


  • 1. What is project Milestone?

    Project Milestone is about the realization of five 3D printed houses within the neighborhood of Bosrijk in Eindhoven. The first home has already been realized in 2021 (see also , now we will build the four remaining houses.

  • 2. Where will the 3D printed houses be located?

    The houses will be located in the Bosrijk neighborhood in Eindhoven. The homes will be located between the roads Bosuil, Bosfazant and Sliffertsestraat.

  • 3. Will all parts be 3D printed? Floors etc. and stairs too?

    All interior and exterior walls will be 3D printed. Also the outside storage rooms. The floors and stairs will not be 3D printed, unfortunately that is currently not possible.

  • 4. Will the houses be 3D printed on site?

    No, the elements for the houses will be printed in Saint Gobain Weber Beamix's 3D printing factory in Eindhoven. The elements are assembled on site.

  • 5. When will the houses be built?

    Construction of the 3D houses is expected to start in Q1-2025.

  • 6. When will the houses be completed?

    The houses are expected to be completed in Q3-2025.

  • 7. Can I buy the houses?

    Yes you can. For that we have set up a presale website where you can indicate your interest can indicate your interest. Go to for more information. After the summer vacations (2024) the property will go on sale.

  • 8. Can I have a Milestone house built on another site?

    Currently, the homes are being built exclusively at this location. Are you interested in placing such a home in another location, please contact Saint-Gobain Weber Beamix.

  • 9. What is different from Milestone phase 1?

    The main difference is that the new houses feature multiple residential floors instead of one. Whereas Milestone phase 1 had one residential floor, the new homes consist of 2 or 3 floors. In addition, the 3D printing technology has been further developed and learning points from Milestone phase 1 have been incorporated into the designs of the new homes.

  • 10. How are the new houses different from the first?

    The main changes from Milestone phase 1 are:

    • The new houses feature 2 or 3 residential floors instead of one.
    • The houses comply with the current BENG rules.
    • Inner and outer walls no longer consist of one element.

  • 11. Which companies/agencies are participating in project Milestone?

    Project Milestone is a collaboration between government, knowledge institutions and business community. The municipality of Eindhoven is co-initiator, driver of innovation and facilitates the project, the TU/e is the knowledge partner within this cooperation, Saint Gobain Weber Beamix developed the process needed to deliver constant quality on the production line, Houben / Van Mierlo Architects designed the houses designed, Witteveen+Bos is working on the building engineering and construction aspects and Construction Company Van Wijnen is leading the project and building the houses.

  • 12. What is Van Wijnen's role within project Milestone?

    Van Wijnen is a market leader in affordable housing and develops, builds, transforms, renovates and manages real estate with 2,400 proud, passionate professionals from 27 locations in the Netherlands. We do this from the heart and with a clear mission: building together on space for a better life. We make a strong case for affordable housing throughout the Netherlands. For vital neighborhoods where everyone feels at home. And for a sustainable building process with an eye for generations to come. We ask ourselves the question: which places can we create that also add value to the environment in the long term?

  • 13. What is Saint-Gobain Weber Beamix's role within project Milestone?

    Saint-Gobain Weber Beamix has been printing with concrete since 2005. The first stable wall of concrete mortar was then still printed with a hand-operated 3D printer and in 1 working step printed ... a world first. By continuously investing in technological development in this field, a fully equipped 3D Concrete Print factory with various concrete printing robots. The 3D Concrete Print factory focuses on the production of structural elements through an industrial 3D printing process. Saint-Gobain Weber Beamix has for many years been a leading manufacturer and supplier of dry mortar products and solutions. In addition to the familiar yellow bulk silos on construction sites, the products can be found in packaged form in building materials stores and construction markets. In 2008, the company became part of the French, listed Saint-Gobain, world market leader in light and sustainable solutions for the construction industry.

  • 14. What is the role of Witteveen + Bos within project Milestone?

    Witteveen+Bos provides consultancy and engineering services in the fields of water, infrastructure, environment and construction. With more than 1,000 employees, the the firm focuses primarily on complex projects, which require high-quality knowledge and an integral approach. Central is the multidisciplinary approach, in which intensively by and with specialists from various disciplines. Witteveen+Bos is a frontrunner in the field of 3D concrete printing. Since 2013, the firm has been involved in the development of 3DCP, including in the cooperation program with TU Eindhoven, in which the engineers and constructors are responsible for design and engineering. In several collaborations, several projects have already been realized with 3D concrete printing.

  • 15. What is TU/e's role within project Milestone?

    Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) is a research university specializing in engineering science & technology. The TU/e is internationally oriented and at the same time strongly rooted in the high-tech ecosystem of the Brainport Eindhoven region. Within the Faculty of Architecture, the university has since 2015 Europe's largest concrete printer. The researchers involved, under led by Professor Theo Salet, are exploring and developing the possibilities of printed concrete, in close cooperation with companies and other knowledge institutions. Saint-Gobain Weber Beamix has commissioned a study on this that will soon be completed with a promotion (PhD). With the results of that study, we understand the printing system better and therefore quality can be guaranteed.

  • 16. What is the role of the Municipality of Eindhoven within project Milestone?

    Eindhoven is the heart of the Brainport region, a global hotspot for technology design. Together with Amsterdam (Schiphol Airport) and Rotterdam (ports). Eindhoven (high-tech) an essential part of the modern Dutch economy. In recent decades, Eindhoven has developed from a factory town to an urban ecosystem that breathes creativity and innovation. Eindhoven is home to more than 1,000 startups within its city limits, as well as large multinationals such as Philips and ASML. High-tech companies, designers, knowledge workers and students from the all over the world are attracted to this region that turns ideas into reality.